What is Biological Control Therapy


The practice of Biological Control Therapy is the application of physical acupuncture (stimulus) with the aim of resetting all of the internal mechanisms that regulate the body's functioning. This treatment has a number of goals ranging from health maintenance, prevention of disease, treatment of disease, to rehabilitation of patients’ ability to return to work and carry out other social activities.

The treatment provided is based on constant fundamental research and application of clinical experience gathered from 1956 to the present.
The Oriental Medical Center® does not provide Judo seifuku, seitai chiropractic, supplement, ayuverda, yoga or other similar therapies.

At The Oriental Medical Center® , based on long term experience and treatment, of what has been thought to be the profound mysteries of illness, and based on the necessities of medical treatment as outlined in classical medical writings, with consideration of fundamental research (lab animal research, histological, physiological research)

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