This video demonstrates the procedure of acupuncture that is performed in Oriental Medical Center (OMC) in Nagoya, Japan. The procedure is called epifascial stimulation, whose therapeutic effects have been proven by over 50 years of clinical experience in the OMC since it was established in 1976. The acupuncturist in the video is Dr. Yasuzo Kurono, the Director of the OMC.

In the epifascial stimulation, the needle is inserted perpendicular to the depth of the fascia of muscles under the skin, but without penetrating it, and is pulled out immediately. It causes no pain or De-Qi sensation. The depth of insertion is about 5 mm.

For the low back area, the following acupuncture points (bilateral) are used: BL20 (Pishu), BL23 (Shenshu), BL25 (Dachangshu).

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